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Donate Today

When you make a donation to IFFGD and our grassroots arm, the Digestive Health Alliance (DHA), you directly support individuals in communities just like yours who are affected by functional GI and motility disorders. Donations allow us to fund life-changing research, and educate patients, professionals, policymakers, and the public about chronic digestive conditions.

Whether through a monthly gift, a wedding contribution, a donation made in memory of a loved one, or a one-time gift, you can help. Please make your donation today. Your gift can change the future.

Other Ways to Donate

  • Monthly Giving
    • By pledging a recurring monthly gift, you are providing a predictable source of income for supporting our research, education, and advocacy efforts. Also, because monthly gifts are processed automatically, you help keep our fundraising costs down, ensuring more dollars are put to immediate use to help find better treatments for functional GI and motility disorders.
  • Wedding Gifts, Special Occasions, Memorials, and Tribute Gifts
    • Tribute gifts are meaningful ways to honor or celebrate loved ones. These can be given in memory of someone or as a gift for a special occasion.
  • Planned Giving
    • By making IFFGD part of your trust, bequest, or endowment you can make a significant impact on improving care of those affected by functional GI and motility disorders for years to come. To make a planned gift, please contact IFFGD at (414) 964-1799 or
  • Workplace Matching Gifts Programs
    • Many corporations have matching gift programs and will match your donation to a charitable organization. Ask your employer if this is possible and double your contribution to IFFGD.
  • Combined Giving Campaigns
    • If your workplace participates in a combined giving campaign such as United Way, you can quickly and easily designate IFFGD as the beneficiary of your donations. Simply find the blank “Write-in Other Organization” space at the bottom of your pledge card and fill it in with the following information: International Foundation for Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders (IFFGD), 700 W. Virginia St., #201, Milwaukee, WI 53204; Federal Tax ID# (EIN): 39-1710898
  • Assets, Stocks, and Securities
    • Gifting appreciated assets (specifically equities or stocks) can provide a significant tax advantage. Your gift would provide you an income tax deduction equal to the current value of the asset, a higher value than your original cost. As long as the asset is classified as long term capital gains property (held for at least 12 months), you also avoid paying capital gains taxes on the growth of the asset. Contact for details on how to give assets to IFFGD.
  • Corporate, Industry, and Foundation Support
    • Investments from corporations provide much needed support for research, awareness, and education for functional GI and motility disorders. If your business would like to make a donation, become a corporate partner, or join our Industry Council, please contact IFFGD at or (414) 964-1799.
  • Ask your Friends 
    • By starting a fundraiser through the Digestive Health Alliance, you give your friends and family an easy way to support something that is important to you. Create your own fundraising webpage and send the link to your contacts, letting them know you're raising money to fund research for functional GI and motility disorders and to support those affected by them. This is a simple way to let your friends do something for you.

Why Give to IFFGD

With the help of our network of donors, supporters, and digestive health champions, IFFGD works to broaden understanding about functional GI and motility disorder and encourage research into these chronic digestive conditions.

When you donate to IFFGD, you make an investment that will directly support program services including:

  • research grants,
  • advocacy efforts,
  • patient education materials,
  • and professional awareness and education opportunities.

More than 25% of the global population reportedly suffers from a functional GI or motility disorder. Research and awareness provides the opportunity for:

  • better understanding,
  • faster diagnoses,
  • improved treatments,
  • and perhaps even cures for these complex illnesses.

Contact Us for More Information

For additional questions about making a donation to IFFGD, please contact: IFFGD, 700 W. Virginia St., #201, Milwaukee, WI 53204; (414) 964-1799;


IFFGD is a registered charitable foundation qualified under IRS code section 501(c)3. IFFGD is not a government agency. Contributions to IFFGD are deductible for computing income and estate taxes to the extent permitted by law. Federal tax ID #39-1710898. 

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